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“Your most important friendships should be with your own brothers and sisters and with your father and mother. Love your family. Be loyal to them. Have a genuine concern for your brothers and sisters.
—Ezra Taft Benson

May 4: Star Wars Day


May 5: Cinco de Mayo


Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for “Fifth of May”) was established in 1863 by Mexican-Americans to honor a small band of Mexican soldiers and their unlikely victory over French forces in Puebla, Mexico on March 5,1862.

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in Mexico on a regional level with family gatherings and local parades.  However, the holiday is more popular in the U.S. and is a celebration of Mexican culture, of food, music,and customs unique to Mexico.

We invite you to join in the celebration of Cinco de Mayo with these tacos with a special twist: Double Decker Taco Cupcakes from the blog The Girl Who Ate Everything by Christie Denney.


May 9: National Teachers Day

Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions. -Unknown


May 13: National Train Day

On May 10 in Promontory Summit, Utah, the last spike (referred to as the “Golden Spike”) was used to connect the final tracks.  The First Transcontinental Rail Line covered 1,912 miles and changed the future of trade, transportation, and communications in America.

Between 1863 and 1869, The Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads were laying tracks across the American frontier to tie the east coast of the U.S. to the west.  

National Train Day is celebrated on the first Saturday after May 10.

May 15: Dinosaur Day 

The Stegosaurus was a plant-eating dinosaur that lived in western North America 140 to 150 million years ago.  He was the largest of the “plated dinosaurs” and could measure up to 40 feet long and weigh 5,000 pounds.  Most were the size of a large modern day elephant or small bus. 
Stegosaurus was known for the line of kite-shaped bony plates on its back and the four large spikes at the end of its tail.  Scientists believe the plates were used to control the animal’s body temperature.  The spikes were used for protection from meat-eating dinosaurs. 

Dinosaur Joke:

Q: How can you tell if a Stegosaurus in your refrigerator?

A: The door won’t close.

May 14: Mother’s Day

Click on coloring pages to download and print.

May 29: Memorial Day

Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday in May and is dedicated to service men and women who gave their lives for freedom and country.

Memorial Day also marks the beginning of the gardening and summer seasons, even though summer will not occur until a few weeks later. This day usually includes the first family picnic of the year.

May 30: Loomis Day

Marlon Loomis believed it was possible to transfer messages without wire by using the upper atmosphere’s electrical currents.

And on May 30, 1872,  Marlon Loomis patented his wireless telegraphing invention.  

Over the next 150 years, this invention has given rise to wireless conveniences such as cell phones and wifi internet.    



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